Best Price Battery Chicken Layer Cages for Sale in 30,000 Poultry Farm

Battery chicken layer cages are a type of poultry housing system in which laying hens are confined to small, stacked cages with limited space for movement. Each cage typically holds multiple hens, and the cages are stacked vertically in rows.

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Hot Sale 15000 Capacity A Type Galvanized Automatic Egg Layer Chicken Cage

What is Battery Chicken Layer Cages?

Battery chicken layer cages are a type of poultry housing system in which laying hens are confined to small, stacked cages with limited space for movement. Each cage typically holds multiple hens, and the cages are stacked vertically in rows.

Here we present to you battery chicken layer cage for sale suitable for farms with 30,000 birds. We are committed to providing farmers with high-quality, efficient and sustainable solutions to meet your farming needs.

Features and Advantages of Battery Chicken Layer Cages

  • Space Efficiency: The tiered design of the A type layer battery cage system maximizes the use of vertical space, allowing for a higher stocking density of chickens within the same footprint compared to traditional floor-based systems.
  • Ease of Management: The layer cage system provides a controlled environment for the chickens, making it easier for farmers to monitor and manage their flock. This includes easier access for tasks such as feeding, watering, egg collection, and disease control.
  • Improved Hygiene: The wire mesh construction of the cages allows for easy cleaning and disinfection, reducing the risk of diseases and promoting better overall hygiene within the chicken house.
  • Automatic Feeding and Watering: The layer cage system typically includes automatic feeding and watering systems, ensuring a constant supply of food and water to the chickens without the need for manual intervention.
  • Egg Collection Efficiency: The A type battery cage system often features automatic egg collection mechanisms, which reduce labor requirements and minimize the risk of egg breakage during collection.
  • Reduced Egg Damage: Because the eggs are laid onto sloped wire mesh floors, they roll away from the hens to a collection area, reducing the chances of egg damage and contamination.
  • Space for Nesting and Roosting: Despite the compact design, A type cages usually provide adequate space for nesting and roosting, allowing the chickens to exhibit natural behaviors.
  • Galvanized Construction: The cages are typically made of galvanized steel wire mesh, which provides durability, resistance to corrosion, and longevity, even in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Improved Egg Quality: The controlled environment and reduced stress levels in the A type cage system can lead to improved egg quality, including better shell strength and cleanliness.
  • Labor Efficiency: By automating various tasks such as feeding, watering, and egg collection, the A type cage system can significantly reduce labor requirements and operational costs.

Why Choose Our Battery Chicken Layer Cages?

High-quality materials: service life up to 30 years.
Our layer bird cages are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-term use. Each level has been carefully designed to provide comfortable living space for the birds.

Efficient breeding:
A-Type layer battery cage system are designed with the birds’ behavior and needs in mind, allowing them to produce eggs more efficiently and stay healthy. The cage structure makes cleaning and management easier, improving breeding efficiency.

High space utilization:
Our design maximizes land utilization, allowing farms of 30,000 birds to achieve high output in limited space. Every inch of space is utilized, while ensuring the birds have plenty of space to roam.

We offer A-Type layer battery cage system in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit farms of different sizes and needs. No matter the size of your farm, we have a solution for you.

Specification of Our Battery Chicken Layer Cages

ModelCapacityCages Size(L*W*H)Cell QuantityCell Size(L*W*H)SurfaceMaterial
A-9696 Birds1.9M*2.3M*1.65M40.47M*0.36M*0.36MGalvanizedQ235
A-120120 Birds2.2M*2.3M*1.65M50.44M*0.36M*0.36MGalvanizedQ235
A-128128 Birds1.9M*2.5M*1.95M40.47M*0.36M*0.36MGalvanizedQ235
A-160160 Birds2.0M*2.5M*1.95M50.39M*0.36M*0.36MGalvanizedQ235
A-200200 Birds2.0M*2.8M*2.2M50.39M*0.36M*0.36MGalvanizedQ235

Accept customers’special sizes

Fittings of Our Battery Chicken Layer Cages

Battery poultry cages mesh and frame, nipple drinker, water pipe and connector, water tank, water pressure regulator, water filter, medicine doser, feeding trough with connector, battery cage mesh clips and pliers, battery cage frame nuts and screws

Freely Choose Automation System For Your Poultry Farms

Customers can freely choose whether to configure an automated system based on their budget, breeding scale, chicken house size, etc.

Our Commitment:

We promise to provide you with high quality products and excellent services. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced farmer, we are here to provide you with support and guidance to help you achieve farming success.

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