Best Price A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages for Poultry Farms in Zambia

Product: A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages
Tiers: 4
Capacity: 128 birds/set
Material: Hot galvanized, cold galvanized (according to customers’ requirement)
Application: small and medium-sized layer house
Lifespan: Last 20-30 years
Sales volume: Customers cover 80+ countries
Certificate: ISO9001, CE, SGS, SONCAP

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Best Price A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages for Poultry Farms
Best Price A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages for Poultry Farms

Introduction of A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages

A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages for Poultry Farms in Zambia represent a modern and efficient housing solution for poultry farmers seeking to maximize productivity and profitability. These cages are meticulously designed to provide a comfortable and conducive environment for layer chickens while optimizing space utilization within the poultry house. With their tiered configuration and durable construction, these cages offer numerous benefits for poultry farmers in Zambia.

Dimension of A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages

Feeding Quantity90Pcs96 Pcs120 Pcs128 Pcs160 Pcs
Cage Size1950*350*380mm1950*350*380mm1950*350*380mm1950*350*380mm1950*450*410cm
Space /Bird455cm2426.5cm2455cm2426.5cm2438.75cm2
Cage Height1.39M1.39M1.83M1.83M2M
Layer Chicken Cage Sepcification

Features of A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages

  • Tiered Configuration: The cages are designed in four tiers, allowing for maximum space utilization within the poultry house and efficient housing of a large number of chickens.
  • Battery Design: The battery layout optimizes space and facilitates easy access to feed, water, and eggs, ensuring convenience for both the birds and farm workers.
  • Galvanized Construction: Made from high-quality galvanized steel, these cages are durable, corrosion-resistant, and built to withstand the rigors of the poultry environment.
  • Individual Compartments: Each cage provides individual compartments for the chickens, promoting comfort, hygiene, and minimizing stress within the flock.
  • Automated Integration: These cages can be seamlessly integrated with automated feeding, watering, and egg collection systems, reducing labor requirements and ensuring consistent access to feed and water for the birds.
  • Easy Maintenance: Removable trays and accessible surfaces make these cages easy to clean and maintain, promoting hygiene and reducing the risk of disease transmission among the birds.

Advantages of A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages

  • Efficient Space Utilization: The tiered configuration maximizes space utilization within the poultry house, allowing for high-density housing of chickens without compromising on comfort or productivity.
  • Labor Savings: Integration with automated systems reduces the need for manual labor on the farm, saving time and resources for the farmer.
  • Improved Bird Welfare: Individual compartments provide chickens with enough living space and promote their well-being, leading to healthier and happier birds and ultimately higher egg production rates.
  • Higher Egg Quality and Production: The design features of these cages help maintain egg cleanliness and reduce breakage or contamination, resulting in higher-quality eggs and increased overall productivity on the farm.
  • Longevity: Galvanized steel construction ensures that these cages are durable and long-lasting, providing a reliable housing solution for the birds over time.

Usage of A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages

These cages can be used in various poultry farming operations, including:

Commercial Egg Production Facilities: These cages are well-suited for large-scale commercial egg production facilities, where efficiency and productivity are paramount. The automated systems integrated into these cages streamline operations and maximize egg output.

Small to Medium-sized Farms: While typically associated with larger operations, these cages can also be beneficial for smaller-scale poultry farms looking to optimize space and labor efficiency. The automated features help reduce the workload for farmers and improve overall productivity.

Eco-Friendly Poultry Farms: Farms focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly practices can utilize these cages in cage-free or free-range systems. The cages provide a controlled environment while still allowing for natural behaviors and access to outdoor areas for the birds.

Integrated Farming Operations: Farms that incorporate poultry into integrated farming systems, such as aquaponics or permaculture, can benefit from the space-saving design of these cages. They can be integrated into larger agricultural systems to diversify income streams and enhance overall farm productivity.

Mobile Poultry Units: Type A 4 Tiers Battery Egg Laying Chicken Cages can also be incorporated into mobile poultry units or chicken tractors. These units can be moved to different locations on the farm, allowing for rotational grazing and soil improvement while still providing a controlled environment for the birds

Why Other Supplier’s Price is Cheaper?

Ours Cages

Hot-dip galvanized, anti-corrosion

Others Cages

Cold galvanized, easy to corrode

Ours Cages

Smooth surface, no hurt to chicken feet

Others Cages

Rough surface, easy to hurt chicken feet

Ours Cages

Sturdy and durable, with a load capacity of at least 300kg

Others Cages

Not durable and easily deformed, maximum load capacity of 150kg

Ours Cages

Feed trough with PVC material
Not easy to damage

Others Cages

Reclyle material and it is brittle which is easily damaged when used

How to install A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages

Installation of Type A 4 Tiers Battery Egg Laying Chicken Cages is very simple and can be installed according to the instructions. Or check out the installation video below.

How to manage A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages

A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages is easy to maintain and only require regular cleaning and servicing.

Routine maintenance:

Check the cage regularly for damage or wear, and repair or replace it promptly if found.
Lubricate moving parts (such as drinkers and feeders).
Remove feces and dirt from the cage.
Check that waterers and feeders are working properly.
Observe the health status of the chickens and take timely measures if there are any abnormalities.

Regular maintenance:

Each quarter:
* Thoroughly clean and disinfect the cage.
* Check drinking and feeding systems and make necessary repairs.
* Check that cage doors and locks are working properly.
Per year:
* Complete cage inspection and repairs.
* Replace severely worn parts.
* Repaint or galvanize the cage to prevent rust.

Farm Cases of A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages

Hot Sale Poultry Farm A Type Full Automatic Egg Chickens Poultry Farm Layer Battery Cage Nigeria

Lusaka, Zambia

20,000 automated layer farm

Lusaka, Zambia

15,000 automated layer farm

automatic chicken poultry layer farm battery cages

kitwe, Zambia

30,000 automated layer farm

h-type layer poultry battery chicken cage system

Nidori, Zambia

50,000 laying hens farm

Feedback From Our Clients

feedback of a type layer battery poultry chicken cages from livi machinery
feedback of a type layer battery poultry chicken cages from livi machinery

Notes for Customers

Before purchasing A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages, please contact us to understand the product specifications, performance and price.
When purchasing, please send us the payment voucher after payment to avoid the problem of entering the wrong account.
When installing, please install according to the instructions and make sure the installation is firm.
When in use, please clean and inspect the cage regularly to extend the service life of the cage.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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