Automatic Poultry Cages 3 Tier A Type Egg Layer Chicken Cage System in Ghana

Product: Type A Chicken Hen Battery Cages
Tiers: 3
Capacity: 90 birds/set
Material: Hot galvanized, cold galvanized (according to customers’ requirement)
Application: medium-sized and large scale layer house
Lifespan: Last 20-30 years
Sales volume: Customers cover 80+ countries
Certificate: ISO9001, CE, SGS, SONCAP

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Best Price A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages for Poultry Farms in Zambia
Best Price A-type 128 Birds Layer Chicken Cages for Poultry Farms

What is 3 Tier A Type Egg Layer Chicken Cage System?

The A-type chicken layer cages are designed to optimize space utilization, promote efficient egg production, and ensure the health and welfare of the flock. It offers a practical and effective solution for commercial egg producers seeking to maximize productivity and profitability.

Here we present to you 3-tier A-type chicken layer cages suitable for farms with 5000-10000 birds. We are committed to providing farmers with high-quality, efficient and sustainable solutions to meet your farming needs.

Dimension of 3 Tier A Type Egg Layer Chicken Cage System

Feeding Quantity90Pcs96 Pcs120 Pcs128 Pcs160 Pcs
Cage Size1950*350*380mm1950*350*380mm1950*350*380mm1950*350*380mm1950*450*410cm
Space /Bird455cm2426.5cm2455cm2426.5cm2438.75cm2
Cage Height1.39M1.39M1.83M1.83M2M
Layer Chicken Cage Sepcification

Features and Advantages of A Type Egg Layer Chicken Cages

Space Optimization Mastery: Crafted with precision engineering, our cages ingeniously utilize space, providing a harmonious balance between bird comfort and maximum density.

Tailored Flexibility: Embrace versatility with customizable configurations, tailored to suit your unique operational needs and empower your farming journey with flexibility.

Accessories of Reliability: Enhance your farm’s efficiency with durable accessories that stand the test of time, ensuring consistent performance in the face of daily demands.

Proven Excellence: Backed by a legacy of innovation, our cages have earned a reputation for excellence, delivering tangible results that propel poultry farms toward newfound heights of success.

Why Choose Our 3 Tier A Type Egg Layer Chicken Cage System?

High-quality materials: service life up to 30 years.
Our bird cages are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-term use. Each level has been carefully designed to provide comfortable living space for the birds.

Efficient breeding:
A-type 3 Tier layer chicken cages are designed with the birds’ behavior and needs in mind, allowing them to produce eggs more efficiently and stay healthy. The cage structure makes cleaning and management easier, improving breeding efficiency.

High space utilization:
Our design maximizes land utilization, allowing farms of 5,000-10,000 birds to achieve high output in limited space. Every inch of space is utilized, while ensuring the birds have plenty of space to roam.

We offer Type A laying hen cages in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit farms of different sizes and needs. No matter the size of your farm, we have a solution for you.

Why Other Supplier’s Price is Cheaper?

Ours Cages

Hot-dip galvanized, anti-corrosion

Others Cages

Cold galvanized, easy to corrode

Ours Cages

Smooth surface, no hurt to chicken feet

Others Cages

Rough surface, easy to hurt chicken feet

Ours Cages

Feed trough with PVC material
Not easy to damage

Others Cages

Reclyle material and it is brittle which is easily damaged when used

How to install 3 Tier A Type Egg Layer Chicken Cage System?

Installation of A Type Egg Layer Chicken Cage is very simple and can be installed according to the instructions. Or check out the installation video below.

How to manage 3 Tier A Type Egg Layer Chicken Cage System?

A Type Egg Layer Chicken Cage is easy to maintain and only require regular cleaning and servicing.

Routine maintenance:

Check the cage regularly for damage or wear, and repair or replace it promptly if found.
Lubricate moving parts (such as drinkers and feeders).
Remove feces and dirt from the cage.
Check that waterers and feeders are working properly.
Observe the health status of the chickens and take timely measures if there are any abnormalities.

Regular maintenance:

Each quarter:
* Thoroughly clean and disinfect the cage.
* Check drinking and feeding systems and make necessary repairs.
* Check that cage doors and locks are working properly.
Per year:
* Complete cage inspection and repairs.
* Replace severely worn parts.
* Repaint or galvanize the cage to prevent rust.

Farm Cases of 3 Tier A Type Egg Layer Chicken Cage System


Tema, Ghana

10,000 laying hens farm

Tema, Ghana

15,000 laying hens farm

Acrra, Ghana

6,000 laying hens farm

Acrra, Ghana

20,000 laying hens farm

Feedback From Our Clients

feedback of a type layer battery poultry chicken cages from livi machinery
feedback of a type layer battery poultry chicken cages from livi machinery

Notes for Customers

Before purchasing, please contact us to understand the product specifications, performance and price.
When purchasing, please send us the payment voucher after payment to avoid the problem of entering the wrong account.
When installing, please install according to the instructions and make sure the installation is firm.
When in use, please clean and inspect the cage regularly to extend the service life of the cage.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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