This is a modern chicken farm using layer cage system. The chicken farm uses an A-type layer chicken cages, which can accommodate 20,000 laying hens.


Togo is a small country in West Africa with a rapidly growing poultry industry. To meet the growing demand for eggs, many local farmers have turned to layer cage systems.

Project Overview

In 2022, a leading Togolese poultry company commissioned us to design and install layer cage system for its 20,000-chicken farm. The goals of the system are to increase egg production. So we recommend the A-type layer chicken cages for his farm.

System Design

The chicken farm uses 4-tier A-type layer chicken cages, and a single set of layer cages can accommodate 160 chickens. For a breeding capacity of 20,000 laying hens, a total of 125 sets of layer cages are needed.The cage is constructed from durable galvanized steel and has the following features:

  • Automatic feeding and drinking system
  • Automatic egg collection system
  • Adjustable ventilation system
  • Environmental control system

Installment and Debugging

Our team is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the project. We work closely with local workers to ensure layer cage systems are built to the highest standards. The commissioning process includes comprehensive testing and verification of all system components.


The farm has experienced significant improvements since the chicken cage system for layers was installed.

  • Increase egg production: The automatic feeding and drinking system ensures that the chickens always receive nutrients, thereby increasing egg production.
  • Reduced Mortality: Environmental control systems maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels, reducing the risk of disease and mortality.

Additionally, the chicken cage system for layers reduces labor requirements and increases farm efficiency.

In Conclusion

This 20,000-chicken layer cage system is a success story for the Togolese poultry industry. The layer cages significantly increases farm productivity and profitability by increasing egg production, reducing mortality. We are honored to be part of this project to help Togo meet its growing egg demand.