Poultry cages for layers plays an important role in poultry industry. Among the various types of poultry cages, A-type and H-type configurations stand out for their distinct designs and suitability for different farm sizes. Let’s delve into the details of these two types:

A-Type Poultry Cages for Layers

Appearance: A-type poultry cages for layers feature a pyramid-shaped design, with each cage having a sloping roof that allows for efficient drainage of waste and water. These cages typically have multiple tiers, providing ample space for the birds to move around and access feeders and waterers.

Suitability: A-type layer cages are suitable for both small-scale and medium-scale layer farms. They are versatile and can be easily adapted to fit various farm layouts and configurations. Whether you’re running a backyard operation or a commercial farm, A-type cages offer practical housing solutions for your layer hens.

Size and Dimensions: A-type poultry cages come in different sizes to accommodate varying flock sizes and farm requirements. Common dimensions include 1950mm in length, 350mm in width, and 380mm in height for accommodating 120 birds per set.

A-Type Layer Cages Size and Dimensions
Rearing Quantity/SetDoor/TierBirds Qty/DoorSpecification
90 birds per set3-tiers 4-door31950mm*350mm*380mm
96 birds per set3-tiers 4-door41950mm*350mm*380mm
120 birds per set3-tiers 4-door31950mm*350mm*380mm
128 birds per set4-tiers 4-door41950mm*350mm*380mm
160 birds per set4-tiers 5-door51950mm*450mm*410mm
A-type layer cages Size and Dimensions

Advantages: A-type cages provide several advantages for layer farming. They optimize space utilization, allowing for higher stocking densities and increased egg production per square meter. The pyramid design facilitates efficient waste management and cleaning, promoting better hygiene and reducing disease risk. Additionally, A-type cages offer excellent ventilation and visibility, ensuring the comfort and well-being of the birds.

H-Type Poultry Cages for Layers

Appearance: H-type poultry cages for layers feature a rectangular-shaped design, with each cage resembling a letter “H” when viewed from the front. These cages are typically stacked in multiple tiers, providing a compact and space-saving housing solution for layer hens.

Suitability: H-type layer cages are well-suited for medium to large-scale layer farms with high production demands. They are ideal for maximizing space efficiency and facilitating streamlined management practices. Whether you’re operating a commercial egg production facility or a large-scale poultry farm, H-type cages offer an efficient and organized housing solution.

Size and Dimensions: H-type poultry cages come in various sizes to accommodate different flock sizes and farm layouts. Common dimensions include 1200mm in length, 625mm in width, and 480mm in height for accommodating either 144 or 180 birds per set, depending on the specific configuration.

H-Type Battery Layer Cages Size and Dimensions
Rearing Quantity/SetDoor/TierBirds Qty/DoorSpecification
108 birds per set3-tiers 2-door91200mm*625mm*480mm
144 birds per set4-tiers 2-door91200mm*625mm*480mm
180 birds per set5-tiers 2-door91200mm*625mm*480mm
216 birds per set6-tiers 2-door91200mm*625mm*480mm
288 birds per set8-tiers 2-door91200mm*625mm*480mm
H-type battery layer cages Size and Dimensions

Advantages: H-type battery cages offer several advantages for layer farming. Their compact design allows for optimal space utilization, making them suitable for high-density farming operations. The rectangular shape of the cages facilitates easy access to feeders and waterers, promoting efficient feeding and watering practices. Additionally, H-type cages are durable, easy to clean, and provide excellent ventilation, creating a conducive environment for the health and productivity of the birds.

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